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Introduction to the Evidence-based Medicine Debates

Introduction to the Evidence-based Medicine Debates

Part of the Evidence-based medicine curriculum will be 3 debates that we hope will capture the principles of EBM in a format that:
•    is fun and highly relevant to clinical practice
•    is focused on current controversies in clinical practice
•    will lead to increased participation of your preceptors and faculty

Debate Preparation:
The R2s will work in teams of 2 (or 3) to prepare their side of the assigned debates. (see attached schedule) You are expected to search the primary literature to find the best and most relevant evidence to present to support your side of the debate. It will be helpful to speak to local experts, look at clinical practice guidelines etc. to be sure that you have found the most important studies or high quality systematic reviews or meta-analyses on the subject. Prepare a short presentation to argue your case (25 minutes). You are expected to comment on how you found your evidence (how you searched the literature, sources used) as well as the quality of evidence available (try to critically appraise the studies you are using -see the User’s Guides to the Medical literature in the back of your binders and on the department website where the binder is posted) Also, each team needs to prepare a 1 page summary of the evidence they are presenting (with references) for the other residents. Feel free to liven up the debate in any way in which you see fit!

Feel free to invite your preceptor or other people in the community that have an interest in the topic.

I am available to meet with you at any time to discuss your presentation or you can contact me by phone or email. Please have a representative from your team call me at least 2 weeks before the debate to let me know how you are doing.

I have arranged a guest speaker for each topic who is very familiar with the evidence to speak after the debate to help us wrap up the subject and put it into perspective.

***Please invite your preceptors to attend

Debate Format:
 Pro perspective                        25 minutes
Con perspective                        25 minutes

Pro rebuttal and summary                    15 minutes
Con rebuttal and summary                    15 minutes

Audience evaluation                        5 minutes

Guest speaker                            30 minutes

Discussion and questions                    20 minutes

Audience vote of how we would manage the clinical problem    5 minutes

prepared by Dr. Colleen Kirkham - site faculty research, SPH        August 15, 2001

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