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EBM teachers' favorite sites to find evidence based information

This came from a quick poll of EBM teachers who are part of the EBM Teachers network that meets yearly at the Family Medicine Forum in Canada. The poll took place in March of 2013.

This question was posted by Graham Swanson:
Could you please help me define a list of the best sites  and why you like that site
-for a patient with hyponatremia and you don't  know where to start
-for the most recent recommendations on physician manual breast examination
-for the NNT  for shingles vaccine
-for the best ACE to use

Cam Ross from UBC: Trip data base, Dynamed and

Mark Lees from U of Saskatchewan : Internet Resources - Summary of sites

Martin Dawes from UBC: TRIP; Dynamed; ebm.bmj; Rx files

Mike Allan from U of Alberta:  EBM Resources, Tools for Practice

David Chan from McMaster U:

  • MyDrugRef (used within my OSCAR EMR)
  • TRIP (also inside my EMR to skip password),
  • MacPlus (need password, sorry),
  • Dynamed (though CMA)
  • Alberta Tools for Practice
  • Laval's Decision Box (very few topics but very very useful for the few topics to illustrate EBM principles!)
  • InfoPOEM's - sent to my Gmail address which I can easily search, or login to CMA InfoPOEM site
  • google! Need to learn how to do a smart search (like Cochrane Reviews)


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