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2006 Annual EBM Teachers' Breakfast meeting at FMF Quebec City Summary

Nov 3, 2006 meeting in Quebec City

It was a pleasure to see many of you at the Fourth Annual EBM Teachers’ Breakfast meeting in Quebec City at the FMF. As usual we had plenty to talk about!


Some highlights from the meeting and updates:


Donna Manca from Edmonton showed the BEARs (Brief Evidence-based Appraisal of Research) worksheet that she and Mike Allan are using to teach residents at U of A. A number of people expressed interest in getting a copy of the worksheet and the accompanying instructions. Donna and Mike would be happy to share them with anyone who is interested. Please contact them directly at m& or . They would be very interested to hear how using the BEAR worksheet works at other sites. Once the BEAR worksheets have been published they will be available on our EBM teachers’ website.


Speaking of the website, as many of you know, for the past 3 years we have been trying to get a National EBM website off the ground. The big goal was to eventually build one website that has the “best of” what each of us has built at our own universities that could be used by teachers, practitioners and learners. For now we have decided to focus our attention on building a website to act as a resource for Canadian EBM teachers. (This group). The site is up and running and can be found at We hope that this website will be a place where we can post and share the teaching resources that each of us have developed. Dr. David Chan at McMaster has kindly agreed to host the site on his server for now.


We would like to get teaching tools from each university posted on the new website. This could include handouts, web portals, critical appraisal exercises, evaluation tools, curriculum outlines, articles, Powerpoint presentations –anything you use.  We would appreciate it if everyone could forward us the material they would like to share with the group. So far we have some items from McGill, UBC, Laval and McMaster, so if we could get something from the other sites it would be very helpful. You can forward items to me or to Dr. David Chan at


Once the website has more material on it, we plan to put a link to the website on the American FMDRL website.


We would also like your input about the website:


  1. There has been some discussion about changing the name, as Canadian Health Evidence Website  “CHEWS” implies something broader than a website for teachers. We played around with CHEERS –Canadian Health Evidence Education Resources. Any ideas would be appreciated.


  1. In the navigation section we would like to create different subfolders for different resources such as: Critical Appraisal, Web Portals and Evaluation. Let me know if you have other ideas regarding the set up of the website.

At the breakfast we had presentations from Dr. Roland Grad from McGill, Dr. Michel Labrecque from Laval, Dr. Nandini Natarajan from Dalhousie, Dr. Tom Elmslie form Ottawa and Brent Jensen form the Rx Files in Saskatchewan. I have attached the Powerpoint presentation from the meeting and we hope to have a synopsis and any resources from these presentations up on the CHEWS website soon!

Also Dr. Fred Tudiver has promised to post information about his EBM OSCE on the website soon-watch for it!

We plan to meet again at the FMF in Winnipeg. As it appears that we always run out of time, we will try to book a slightly longer session next year.

We are still boiling our drinking water out here in Vancouver!

Colleen Kirkham MD, CCFP, FCFP

EBM Curriculum Advisor

UBC Family Practice Residency Program

Vancouver, B.C.

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