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Invitation to the 5th Annual EBM teachers' meeting Oct. 11, 2007

Hello everyone, 


Just a reminder that we have organized the fifth annual "Evidence-based Medicine Teachers Networking Session" at the FMF. This year it will take place on Thursday October 11th at 13:30-15:00. (item #133N in the program). The conference organizers have gone to great lengths to try to ensure that our meeting does not conflict with other EBM sessions.


This meeting has been very well attended in the past 4 years and has led to lots of animated discussion about the issues facing those of us who teach EBM. It has also been a forum for the sharing of resources and teaching tools between universities. We would like to keep this an interactive session as in previous years.


Please let me know what you would like on the agenda this year. We are looking for EBM teachers to present teaching ideas and tools. Also any topics, issues, problems you would like to discuss with the group can be added to the agenda –just let me know!


Agenda items already suggested are:

  1. Another update of what is new in EBM teaching at different sites across the country ("show and tell" )
  2. Announcements of other EBM sessions being held at FMF
  3. Dr. Tom Elmslie will present an initiative of the College of Family Physicians of Canada to use epearls and the Vividesk platform to facilitate practice audits as part of the alternative pathway to certification as well in residency teaching.
  4. Dr. Martin Dawes will be presenting some information on using PICO or PECODR search engines
  5. Dr. Roland Grad is looking for EBM teachers to participate in his CIHR funded study to validate the Information Impact Assessment Method
  6. a request from the CFPC to share the email list with them. Who can access our email list? How should it be used?

 Anyone who would like to help plan this meeting should contact me.


Also if you can let me know if you plan to attend I would appreciate it.


As most of you know we have been working on a new website for Canadian EBM teachers. The website is finally off the ground and can be found at On the website you will find, curriculum guidelines for EBM at various universities, teaching tools, web portals and the minutes from previous EBM teachers meetings. I hope to post many more items on the site between now and the FMF. Please send me any teaching resources, portals etc. that you would like added from your site. Thank you to Dr. David Chan at McMaster for hosting the site.


Finally, the College of Family Physicians of Canada is looking for EBM teachers to act as tutors in a pilot project using ePearls and Vividesk to facilitate practice audit as part of the alternative route to certification. Please read the letter attached. For more information please contact Judith Gasnier at


Please forward this email to anyone you think would be interested in participating. I look forward to seeing you in October at the FMF!


Colleen Kirkham MD, CCFP, FCFP

EBM Curriculum Advisor

UBC Family Practice Residency Program






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