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For those who were at the EBM networking meeting at FMF I presented this spreadsheet list of EBM resources we collated this year.  Michel Labrecque and others at Laval had done similar work in the past.  Here for your information and I will ask David Chan to post to the CHEWS website.  This list is not meant to be used by clinical faculty or even most EBM faculty except as data base.  Our plan at UBC will be to have EBM site faculty review the list and add their own comments about the utility of the resources offered considering the various displayed factors (cost, ease of access, etc).  We will then reflect on which ones we will use in our EBM teaching on how they might be used by residents and preceptors/teaching faculty as well as EBM faculty. If anyone has resources not listed, please send them to me and I will  update the list.  Please include the details listed on the top row and legend.  If anyone has comments to make about the utility of any of these resources, I would be happy to collate that  information and  feed back to the Google group.  Thanks, Cam

 EBM Tools Spreadsheet

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Latest Template Jan 18, 2013



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