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Developing an integrated EBM curriculum for Family Medicine Residency at U of A

The EBM team at Family Med U of A also have a pre & post quiz which is internally validated over 3 years.  Issues regarding publication limit posting on the web at this time but Mike is more than happy to send the quiz and associated material to anyone via email.  Please email Mike at

2 day EBM workshop for residents

workshop schedule

presentations on diagnosis, therapy and systematic review


The Bear worksheet (v3)

The Guide to completing the BEAR (includes the rational for the BEAR with citations). 

4 sample BEARS to help residents/med students get started.     1   2    3    4  

Example of Power-point presentation of the BEARs (in our program, some do powerpoint, some just present it informally at rounds, etc. 

note: John Smith is "fake resident".  The BEARs (and presentation) were done by facult


The Briefcases and Virtual EBM Workshop are at the website:
The website is to be up in preliminary form Friday, November 13, 2009.  It will include about 25 Briefcases and most of the Virtual EBM Workshop (The presentations, the math practice, and the critical appraisal samples).  We will be adding more as we go:  we have almost 200 archived Briefcases to get up on the web and some more Workshop content including the Teaching Points section.

The Tools for Practice is at the Alberta College of Family Physicians website: . They are 300 word Evidence-based answers/bottom-line to focused clinical questions.  


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